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Recently, in Natalie Knapp’s book “Der unendliche Augenblick” I encountered the following quote from Joseph Beuys:

Something must come into view before it is there. That’s what I call something moving out of the future. There’s also a cause, but the cause lies in the future, and logically the effect in the present is there rather than the cause in the future.

Since then the content of this quotation does not let me go – just as the questions about the NOW and the JUST BEING, which already accompany me for a long time, do not let me go. Finding the key, being able to be just now – that would be great, wouldn’t it? And when exactly will that happen? Now?

I’m looking forward to being able to dedicate myself to these ideas and questions in my new phase of life with a lot of time and a pinch of self-compassion – because answers are certainly not easy to find. And when I have found them, then I want to live them. And of course I want to experience a lot of beautiful things with the other sama:half.

I would like to document a lot of what goes through my head and moves me and I would like to share a lot with you.
And since monologues are not very target-oriented, I am looking forward to our virtual exchange in this blog, but also in the blog about the 7Mind impulse and the question about ‘just . being . now’ …

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