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… two children from the Ruhr who, over time, felt more and more clearly that less can be more. After years of professional engagement in the wide field of youth welfare with the usual holiday periods, which we often spent hiking and cycling or with our camper van, we are now starting in September for another year on our way through North America.

During this time we want to open ourselves to new experiences and let them have an effect on us in a mindful way.

We will document this time of being on the way in words and pictures and as mindfulness teachers we want to trace the experience of the moment and talk to people on our way through North America about what it means to be simple now (our claim at

We want to talk to representatives and teachers of the mindfulness scene, get to know the atmosphere of important training locations and oases of mindfulness and report about it.

During our trip Saradevi will let the mindfulness impulses of a calendar have an effect on her and will share this with you.

At the same time we would like to give our family, friends and acquaintances the opportunity to accompany us in a certain way and to take part.

Those who don’t know us yet may become companions or benefit from this blog in their own way over the months.

So you can accompany us …

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