How I am living gratitude today has been occupying me for about two weeks. This was preceded by the following situation: 

I’m sitting in a café. Manfred has gone to the toilet, our order already placed. Interested, I let my eyes wander, looking at the scenery. My gaze sticks to an older couple that has come after us. The two of them are sitting at a table for two opposite each other. As I look over, the man bends slightly over the table, grasps his wife’s forearms with both hands so that they rest on the table with his forearms parallel. Finally he looks at her briefly and begins to speak. I am irritated until I realize that he is praying. What irritated me was that he was visibly not speaking to her. After a few more words the two of them loosen their posture and go to her sandwich.

The 1000 ways of gratitude

Far be it from me to pray in the café in such a way. Even as I turn away from them, I notice that the scene has touched me in a way. The prayer didn’t seem hollow or said that way. Deep gratitude could be seen in their attitude.

For some years now I have become more and more aware of what I am thankful for in my life. Perhaps it is the gesture of gratitude that appealed to me. Especially the experiences of the last weeks have deepened the subject. On the one hand, I have once again become more aware of the richness in which I live. On the other hand, life in Cuba has taught me to be grateful for what is currently available and to make the best of it.

While I am still so lost in thought, the waitress brings crumble cake and cappuccino. I pause for a moment and am grateful for all the people in their respective contexts who have contributed to the fact that I can eat this delicious cake here on our stopover.
At this moment I decide to pause just before the beginning of each meal and to remind myself of this. Within my mindfulness practice I had already planned to do this before, but not as consistently as I would like to. Maybe there is a ritual missing for this?

Then Manfred comes back and involves me in a conversation with a completely different subject. This is life…

Be grateful…

What are you thankful for? Do you find rituals of gratitude useful? Do you practice any?

Do you like to share your thoughts?

Greetings from the desert