Time flies. The response to our last mail was enormous, very sympathetic and encouraging. Although we are several thousand kilometres away from home, the connection from there is overwhelming. Also the newly established contacts in the United States and Canada, as well as with the Costa Rican group remained alive. We feel all this carrying force every day anew and are grateful for it. 

On a Saturday we started from San Diego towards the east coast. The streets of the city were emptier than usual. Was it the weekend or day one of the California curfew?

The drive through the state towards the Colorado River took us away from the highways through a fascinating mountainous landscape. The campgrounds made a mostly more unoccupied impression than days ago. For the first night we were exceptionally given access to our chosen stopover at the Colorado River.

On Sunday we drove right across Arizona, little car traffic, hardly any people on the streets. We crossed several mountain ranges and drove over almost endless plateaus. The temperature in the mountains made us look for a more southern route, after which we found shelter in a forest campground on the second evening and some snow lined the side edges of the roads until then.

After the mountain tour again a long high plateau, desert and a charming lava field followed. In the Valley of Fire we found our third overnight stay possibility on a parking lot, now already in the state of New Mexico. The car traffic was very small. Was it because of the exceptional situation or because of the secondary route we chose?

All parks, public facilities, restaurants and many shops are closed, gas stations and grocery stores are open. Restaurants, if open, offer takeaway food only. People are mostly kept at a distance, some wear hand shoes when handling money, others are rather unimpressed by the Corona pandemic.

At first we did not notice the border crossing to Texas. Already since New Mexico the daytime temperatures were again at a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius and higher. Bright blue skies, a blooming desert and the steppe filled with oil pumps and the ranch gates which can now be seen more often were our companions.

In the meantime the ship’s booking had been confirmed. On 6.4. our Amigo has to be delivered in the harbour of Baltimore. Saradevi booked two nights in a hotel for us, but we do not know yet whether these will have to be modified at short notice due to the further pandemic development in the United States. The same applies to our flight from Baltimore via Atlanta on 8.4. It is rumoured that all domestic flights in North America will be cancelled…

We remain of good cheer. Every day we will drive 400 – 500 kilometres and adapt flexibly to the conditions. Tonight we are standing on the edge of a recreational area with an open toilet house. The three RV-Parks we visited before could not offer any sanitary facilities (anymore) and the internet connection is passable. We write a diary and work on our blog posts. And hope that the sheriff doesn’t chase us away from here… Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)