For a long time we were now in one of the largest desert areas on earth. Seasonally the winter just said goodbye and the spring showed itself timidly. I saw fascinating landscapes and – to be honest – I had imagined “the desert” differently! I was surprised by the variety of the landscape, the abundance of plants, the splendour of flowers, the changing light conditions and the differences in temperature. And this expanse! Simply beautiful…

Saradevi and I often had the impression of being able to rest here. The desert has always stood for loneliness and contemplation. Often we had poor internet and telephone connections. Contacts to outside were sparse and information from home or the host country hardly reached us.

In this area and under these conditions I could finally finish reading the book HOMO DEUS, by Yuval Noah Harari. I had already begun with the book in Nova Scotia and with pleasure I had absorbed and moved within myself the philosophical thoughts about a certain perspective of world history. 

The respective convictions that led the human species to its current stage of development are presented in an entertaining way. Maybe you already know this old Spiegel bestseller, but I can highly recommend reading it.

Towards the end of the book I found the following interesting passage on page 592: “Humanism believed that experiences take place within us and that we should find the meaning of all that happens within us, but at the same time we give meaning to the universe. Dataists believe that experiences are worthless unless you share them with others – and that we don’t have to find meaning within ourselves, nor can we find it at all. All we have to do is record our experiences and link them to the huge stream of data, then the algorithms will make sense of them and tell us what to do.

What do you think, dear fb-friends, followers, friends and relatives?

A special stream of data is currently flowing around us: COVID-19. The messages are overflowing and after an initial calm, the Corona theme seems to have arrived in the United States. We are awaiting the development here on the continent with anxious attention. In San Diego we will not stay in a hotel, avoid crowds of people, prefer to cook for ourselves instead of visiting restaurants, cycle and hike a lot. Maybe we will then also avoid the tourist magnets of the big cities, retreat inland and let the sun take us to the north…