Even in November 2019 I would never have dreamed that I would travel through Costa Rica one day…

After Cuba, a clearly different world welcomed us after arrival in San José. Already on the way from the airport to the hotel a long traffic jam on the highway, a lot of noise, a lot of advertising, everywhere colourful hustle and bustle…

For a little more than two weeks we were supposed to be part of a 16-person travel group with an English-speaking tour guide. Before the first meeting, Saradevi and I took the opportunity to explore the capital of Costa Rica on foot for a few hours. I remember the lively traffic, the honking and rattling, the colourful hustle and bustle in the streets and squares, the colourful house facades, the metre-long NATO barbed wire fences on many residential buildings, the barred windows and the one or other sight.

In the market halls I got a new sun hat, after which I left my old Stetson somewhere in Cuba.

In the evening we met our group: 16 people from England, Canada, the United States, Poland and Germany. Four men, 12 women, 3 couples, single travellers, friends, mother and daughter… and Eddie, Costa Rican and tour guide. All announcements, arrangements in English. If “we” Germans were among us, I could speak fluently, otherwise the mixed groups of course spoke mostly English… 

It was my first group trip of this kind. Everything was well organized and the group worked really well. Usually we started early in the morning, various offers were available after a longer bus ride. Sleeping in a different bed every other day I found it increasingly annoying. It was pleasant to be together in the group and to get to know some of the participants a bit more intensively.

As a tourist I enjoyed the beautiful landscape of the sympathetic Caribbean state. The weather remained warm and pleasant. Only the higher humidity caused a certain amount of stress. Friendly, unobtrusive people – even at the tourist hotspots there was no annoyance. 

What a lot I have experienced:

A catamaran trip until sunset, but unfortunately also a stupid face injury due to careless sliding from the boat into the warm sea. Bathing possibilities in the Pacific Ocean and also at the Caribbean coast. Excursions through the rain forest; lodge stay in the jungle; my very first ride through the wilderness of several hours; hiking tours to a waterfall and at the foot of a volcano; a canoe tour, a lagoon boat trip and many typical restaurant visits. A small selection of photos illustrates this text.

Full of impressions we boarded a plane on February 7th, 2020 in San José to Houston/Texas. How will the entry into the country be? Will we already receive the visa extensions? And how will we meet our Amigo?