What does not change everything within a week! You know what they say: Nothing is more constant than change…

In the last few days there has been an explosion of reports of corona disease and the way it is dealt with in the different countries. As we know that hope dies last, I put my assessments on the back burner for a long time. We had discussed several alternative plans at length and had them up our sleeve.

At our campground on the outskirts of San Diego and during our first tour after the day of arrival, the only thing we could feel was that some empty shop shelves and that the SeaWorld amusement park had closed its doors, something of the impending development. People enjoyed themselves outside in the restaurants, in the parks, on playgrounds and on the beach. There were joggers in droves, customers in the supermarkets, and our campsite seemed to be quiet and busy.

As a precaution, we had chosen a remote site on the site, close to the nearest sanitary building, bright and sunny, with electricity and water supply and plenty of distance from the rest of the company and other campers.

With several travel acquaintances we were in lively exchange, followed the news and kept in touch with the family. In the meantime, we also had some signs of a cold, which we attributed to the occasional cold feet, the low night temperatures and the cool sanitary rooms, and we calmed ourselves down with our excellent health insurance. As a precaution we had also explored the possibilities of the return journey via Seabridge. Our holiday travel mood in the true sense of the word had disappeared. We only stayed in and around the Amigo. We renounced a further tour through San Diego. The meeting of friends in Los Angeles was dropped.

On Thursday evening we received the news that a lockdown was now imposed in California. Presumably other states will follow. The border to Canada is already closed. Our decision: We’re going home.

Thanks to the route planning possibilities of various programs, we have sounded out the approximate route today and will be driving about 4900 kilometers through for us unknown parts of the country off the major highways towards Baltimore. We want to travel fast, but not rush. We do not (yet) have the feeling of being on the run!

In the last afternoon until the evening we have a camper van cleaning, grilled sausages with potatoes and beans, a last wash, packing, showers and the last two episodes of the first season of the series “Borgen”…

Meanwhile we are standing on a campground at the Colorado River and could already enjoy the sunset at 22 degrees Celsius. Actually the RV park was closed because of Corona, but Saradevi’s charm enabled us to stay one night, preferably away from the long-term guests.

As far as internet is available, we want to illustrate the return journey with some photos to keep you up to date.