In the meantime I have been back in the United States of America for two weeks now, more precisely: back in Texas.

On February 7, 2020 we returned from our group trip through Costa Rica to Houston. After we waited for a long time for our travel bags, we stood in line for a good hour in front of the passport control. Behind us a group of young people. Obviously in a good mood, loose talk on their lips, but a little annoyed by the long wait. An older border officer finally waved us over to one of the 10 counters. He asked the routine questions and did the security check. In between, he called in the somewhat annoying troupe in the row behind us. A well-intentioned call back to his supervisor actually enabled him to extend our visa until August 6, 2020! Our worries were over…

Take a taxi to the hotel. Take a shower. Dinner. Celebrate. Sleep.

The next morning we took a taxi to the storage, where we were kind enough to say “You’ve got color! How was it? Tell me about it!” Our amigo was standing safely in his place.

Without any problems we left the storage place, visited Trader Joe’s (the noble brand of Aldi in the States), stocked up with all the necessary things for the next days and headed for our destination for the next time: Austin, the capital of the state of Texas.

On a campground close to the city we acclimatized in peace and quiet. The last weeks on Cuba and in Costa Rica were very different from life here in the south of the United States. And to be able to travel within my own four walls again was pure luxury for me. The weather required warmer clothes and the low temperatures forced us to operate the independent heater. After three days we were drawn to a place that promised more sunshine…

On the way to the Mexican border we stopped at Canyon Lake again for several days and practiced doing nothing. For me this meant: a little walking back and forth in sight of the campground and several hours of technical fiddling and photo editing. The change from the “holiday from travel” back to the travel mode in the Amigo took surprisingly more time than I had thought!

Finally, a few days ago we landed at a simple campground in Terlingua. The small town with less than 200 inhabitants is located in the Chihuahua Desert at the edge of the Big Bend National Park. The way here led us through a seemingly endless wasteland. But the village itself turned out to be a tourist stronghold. We are in the main season, the campgrounds in the national park were all fully booked for weeks, and also the places within the village are well filled with campers.

At the beginning we enjoy the warm and sunny weather. But then we also get to know the cooler side of the desert winter with single-digit night temperatures, strong winds and cloudy skies with only 10 degrees Celsius. From our campsite we take walks through the surrounding area and also motorhome day trips through the national park. We will stay for a few more days. We are waiting for a new credit card, which will soon reach us by mail from Germany. Our bank had to issue new ones for security reasons.

By the way: We had our first “visit” at the Amigo. (Before that we were always in the visitor role.) Joe and Jenny from Michigan crossed our way, roamed Big Bend with their all-terrain motor home for a few days and stopped by for a cup of tea before continuing on to Fort Davis.

Well, so the (working) day-to-day life has gradually brought me back: photo of the day, blog photos, blog post…